Welcome! I am an Associate Professor of Political Science at Temple University. I am also the Undergraduate Chair of Political Science. I specialize in the comparative politics and international relations of the Middle East and North Africa, where I research democracy, dictatorship, and US foreign policy.

Advancing foundational work on authoritarian regime durability, my current research is eclectic. I remain focused on the politics of Jordan, as reflected in forthcoming articles and a book under contract. Beyond this, recent papers publicly presented or under review explore Arab youth activism, the limits of American hegemony, and new forms of autocratic repression.

I am also engaged in educational and disciplinary issues. Over the past year, I engineered an ambitious duo of textbooks — Societies of the MENA and Government/Politics of the MENA. I am also interested in the methodological problem of transparency, as in this essay on “radical honesty” for PS: Political Science and Politics.

I occasionally analyze breaking developments in the Arab world for popular outlets like the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, and industry venues like Oxford Analytica. I have also undertaken advisory work with sovereign principals and the World Bank.

updated 9.15.19