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SeanYom-BookFrom Resilience to Revolution: How Foreign Interventions Destabilize the Middle East

Sean Yom
Columbia University Press, 2016

This scholarly book engages Middle East politics to explore the connections between great power support,  authoritarian politics, institutional development, and long-term stability.  It subjects theories of autocratic regime durability to the causal gauntlet of comparative-historical case studies (Iran, Kuwait, and Jordan), and makes a singular claim: foreign powers can hurt more than they help when bailing out friendly dictatorships.  Far from being innocuous helping hands, external support from geopolitical patrons like the US can leave behind destructive legacies by irreversibly undermining the social conflicts, ruling coalitions, and political institutions responsible for keeping these regimes afloat during crises.  It is notable for its detailed, process-oriented case studies of political development in Iran, Kuwait, and Jordan; for its methodological combination of historical analysis and field research; and for its revision of existing theories about ruling coalitions, authoritarian institutions, and the long-term legacies of foreign aid.

Reviewed in Perspectives on Politics, Journal of Politics, Political Science Quarterly, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Middle East Journal, Mediterranean Politics, Review of Middle East Studies, and Choice.

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The Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

8th Edition (9th edition forthcoming in 2019)

Edited by Mark Gasiorowski and Sean Yom
Routledge, 2016/17

This is the latest edition of a long-running primer on Middle East politics that has been continuously published since 1980.  It has been thoroughly revised to take into account the aftermath of the Arab Spring, the outbreak of new civil conflicts, and the dynamics of social transformation.  It consists of a thick introductory chapter followed by 16 country-based chapters that cover the entire region, authored by leading scholars with deep expertise and field-based research.  Extensive bibliographical references and rich historical context make this a vital guide to Middle East analysts.

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The Societies of the Middle East and North Africa: Structures, Vulnerabilities, and Forces

1st Edition

Edited by Sean Yom
Routledge, 2019 (forthcoming)




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